The Virus is Racism

This post originally appeared on Murder Is Everywhere. It started with country-blaming. China flu, Wuhan Flu, Kung Flu. Donald Trump could only think of blaming outsiders, to deflect attention from his own disinterest in controlling a pandemic. Yes, coronavirus was first identified in China. Yet we’ve learned the virus was already in the U.S. and Europe at that … Read more

The Royals, Revealed

This post originally appeared on Murder Is Everywhere. It seems all about Harry and Meghan this week. But they’ve made me think about some less glamorous people, too. An Oprah Winfrey interview of Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Sussex aired three nights ago and opened a rare, uncensored view of personal relationships within Buckingham Palace. Among … Read more

Stamped by Faith

This post originally appeared on Murder Is Everywhere. While looking through our motley collection of stamps to find a small one  to add to an envelope, I stumbled across a surprise: a modest, black and white stamp honoring “Religious Freedom in America.” I’ve seen stamps honoring different religious holidays, but never one for religious freedom. … Read more