The Bombay Prince

The Bombay Prince by Sujata Massey
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India’s only female lawyer, Perveen Mistry, is compelled to bring justice to the family of a murdered female Parsi student just as Bombay’s streets erupt in riots to protest British colonial rule. Sujata Massey is back with this third installment to the Agatha and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning series set in 1920s Bombay.

November, 1921. Edward VIII, Prince of Wales and future ruler of India, is arriving in Bombay to begin a four-month tour. The Indian subcontinent is chafing under British rule, and Bombay solicitor Perveen Mistry isn’t surprised when local unrest over the royal arrival spirals into riots. But she’s horrified by the death of Freny Cuttingmaster, an 18-year-old female Parsi student, who falls from a second-floor gallery just as the prince’s grand procession is passing by her college.

Freny had come for a legal consultation just days before her death, and what she confided makes Perveen suspicious that her death was not an accident. Feeling guilty for failing to have helped Freny in life, Perveen steps forward to assist Freny’s family in the fraught dealings of the coroner’s inquest. When Freny’s death is ruled a murder, Perveen knows she can’t rest until she sees justice done. But Bombay is erupting: as armed British secret service march the streets, rioters attack anyone with perceived British connections and desperate shopkeepers destroy their own wares so they will not be targets of racial violence. Can Perveen help a suffering family when her own is in danger?

The Bombay Prince is the third delightful installment of Sujata Massey’s mystery series set in 1920s India. Heroine Perveen is much more than a sari-clad Miss Marple: she’s Bombay’s first female lawyer as well as a keenly intelligent sleuth, a trail-blazing woman balancing the weight of family tradition with her own dreams. Perveen’s investigation into the mysterious death of a young university student coincides with the imperial visit of the future Edward VIII, and the resulting trail of breadcrumbs through royal receptions, street riots, squalid jails, and lavish hotels makes for a deliciously satisfying read!”
—Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Rose Code

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Real Places in The Bombay Prince

The Bombay Prince map
This map is featured in the book.
Doongerwadi, or the Tower of Silence
Yazdani Bakery
Yazdani Restaurant and Bakery
The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, formerly Victoria Terminus
Ad for the Taj Hotel
Ad for the Taj Hotel
taj hotel stairs
Stairs at the Taj Hotel
The Asiatic Society of Mumbai, State Central Library
The Asiatic Society of Mumbai, State Central Library
The Asiatic Society of Mumbai, State Central Library
Inside the library