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It’s almost time for The Kizuna Coast.

I’ve finished most of my revisions and am waiting for corrections from my copy editor and some other important first readers who really know the book’s setting: the Great Tohoku Earthquake of 2011.

The 11th Rei mystery begins on the muddy, shattered coast, and then moves back to the edgy nightclub and artistic world of Tokyo…and ultimately, to the truth.  Starring characters include Rei’s old friends Mr. Ishida and Richard Randall, and the Yohohama Shimura relatives.  New friends include tsunami survivors, volunteers, and a very sniffy Akita-Beagle mix dog.

Right now, pre-0rders of the E-Book are available at Amazon for a special intro price of $2.99.

E-Book distribution will go to multiple platforms sometime in the new year. Pre-order E-Books will arrive Dec. 15–in time for long holiday plane rides. Oh, and don’t forget about the GIFT button on the book’s sales page . . . when you want to surprise someone.

GIVEAWAY CONTEST  just in time Hanukkah and Christmas

brideskimono-hcI’m celebrating the book launch starting now with a giveaway of 11 previously published hardcover Rei novels. (11 because this is the 11th book in the series.) You could be one of the crew who receives a rare signed 1st edition hardcover! If you check how much the out-of-print hardcovers are valued book-selling sites, you’ll realize what a special gift this could make for someone. Entrants for this contest, please be sure that you have a mailing address within the U.S.; but the most important thing is to send me a screenshot or forwarded email from Amazon about your pre-ordered Kizuna Coast.

If you sign up for my free author newsletter Asiafile at the same time (or are already a member) let me know in the message you send me and you will be entered TWICE. You can send me an email using the “contact sujata” button that’s all over this website. Pretty easy!



Interested in a bound book with paper pages? Trade paperbacks and hardcovers will be available worldwide in December in stores and at online book retailers. More information on paperback and hardcover options, plus the audiobook, will be forthcoming. Sorry, the “real” books are not available for pre-order, so aren’t part qualifiers for the contest.

Thank you, friends!

10 thoughts on “Kizuna Coast Lauch”

  1. Thank you for the chance to win “Kizuna Coast” and for enjoying your writing all these years!
    I just signed up for your newsletter.

    • Did I thank you yet, BG? Welcome to Asiafile and hope you are a winner. With 11 books going out, there are a lot of chances.

  2. Hi Sujata,

    Just bought Kizuna on Amazon and will send you the receipt via separate email. Love the offer of signed books. BUT, like everyone else, space is becoming a big deal. (And so is dusting.) I would prefer a signed ebook!

    Also, I am not sure if I signed up for the Asiafile. I’ll do it anyway.


  3. Hi Sujata! Hurray! I just ordered my copy. I can’t wait until Dec. 15 now. 🙂

    I would LOVE a signed copy of any of your books. I love them all! 🙂

    Hugs to you & Rei!

    • Girlfriend ,you’ve got your two entries. I want to say how much your pre-ordering helps. Right now, KC is #3 bestselling (even though you haven’t yet paid for it) Asian-American novel in the Kindle Store. This means the cover pops up high in the search engine for a lot of people to discover.
      Thank you!!

  4. I just want to thank everyone for the massive turnout in pre-ordering. it’s very new for me to launch a book by myself, calling on friends and fans to join in. It takes a village–ironic because a lot of The Kizuna Coast takes place in a village.

  5. Thank you very much for writing another Rei Shimura mystery! However, I will wait for a paper copy, since I’m one of those old fashioned folks who like books on paper. Hopefully it will be available on Amazon, but other retailers or even special order would be fine.

    • I believe it will be out in paperback (Amazon only at this point!) Mon Dec 15. Check it out an I appreciate your long-lasting memory of the Rei books.

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