The Bookcase Rebellion

This post originally appeared on Murder Is Everywhere. The Amazon-owned Washington Post recently reported on a poll  by The Economist/YouGov on people’s reading habits. Forty-six percent of people living in the United States read no books last year. Just five percent read one book. This book reading rate was about the same as when I began my … Read more

An Improvisational Year

This post originally appeared on Murder Is Everywhere. The songs are playing day and night. Some of them are tentative, while others blow the dust off the steep wooden staircase. My son is home from college for the winter holidays and nestled in his third floor bedroom with all his electric guitars—and the amplifiers. The improvisations … Read more

Marjorie and Me

The other weekend, I was cranky and knew I needed a temporary getaway from my family. So I got in the car on a hot July morning and drove south to DC, savoring Saturday’s lack of traffic. Ever since I moved back to the Mid-Atlantic, I’ve longed to tour Hillwood, the 1920s Georgian mansion of … Read more