Rei Shimura Street Team

Rei Shimura Street Team
Have you been waiting for the latest Rei Shimura book for a long time—or are you a new fan who’s discovered the series through e-books? If you’ve become fan of Pocky Sticks, Rei’s various boyfriends and Aunt Norie’s scarf-tying skills, you might really enjoy going the extra mile and joining Sujata’s Street Team.

In case you are wondering, a Street Team is not a bunch of people sweeping wet leaves from the street, as they do so often in Japan. A Street Team is a small, select group of supporters who take small actions to build awareness of an author’s books. We will work together to brainstorm ways to share enthusiasm worldwide. Here are examples of some ways to help the Rei books become better known:

  • Posting honest reviews on internet sites
  • Requesting a local library or store carry a book
  • Sharing book and event news on social media and in the blogosphere
  • Suggesting a Sujata Massey book to your book club (or your friends’ book club)
  • Asking a charitable organization, school or social club to consider booking Sujata as a speaker

In exchange, Team players will receive:

  • Sujata’s undying appreciation
  • Advance looks at her books in progress
  • Discounts and freebies of all sorts
  • Invitations to special events both online and in the real world
  • And more goodies to come!

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, fill out the application, and we will get back to you by the time the next Tokyo flight lands in Honolulu.

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