India Gray by Sujata Massey

I’m happy to announce the imminent arrival of India Gray: Historical Fiction. This is a very different kind of book for me: it’s a 300-page collection of 4 pieces of historical mystery and suspense fiction I’ve set in Britain and the Subcontinent from 1919 through 2001.

The collection starts with Outnumbered at Oxford, a charming academic mystery in the vein of Dorothy Sayers. Perveen Mistry, an accomplished young woman from Bombay, arrives at St. Hilda’s College in Oxford during the World War I era to study law. When an Indian servant disappears along with an important mathematical proof, Perveen’s principal and the Master of Balliol College ask her to look into the matter. I consider this one of the funnier books I’ve written, and I really enjoyed delving into the history of Indians at Oxford.

Next up is The Ayah’s Tale, a standalone novella originally released only in the eBook format. Menakshi Dutt is a teenaged nanny working for a rich British family in 1920s Bengal. She’s a beloved friend of the children, but chafes under the control of their bored, unhappy mother. Will Menakshi ever find the strength to stand up for her own dreams?

India Gray, the story that inspired the collection’s title, brings back Kamala from The Sleeping Dictionary. However, you don’t need to have read that novel to enjoy this story about Kamala’s adventure in Assam, where she runs into some Indian National Army veterans in a hospital…I’ll say no more!

The book ends with Bitter Tea, a short story set in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier in 2001. Shazia, a bright and confident 15-year-old, doesn’t like her school being shuttered and the strict laws keeping females inside their homes. But when another former schoolgirl is endangered, she crafts a daring plan to rescue her.

Now through Nov. 18, the India Gray Historical Fiction Book Bundle is discounted worldwide to just .99 as a pre-order at Amazon and iTunes. There’s also a current Goodreads giveaway contest for several free copies of the paper book open to Goodreads members living in the US and Canada. The trade paperback titled India Gray: Historical Fiction and the eBook will be on sale everywhere at their regular prices from Nov. 19 onward.

You can check out a sample of India Gray right here. Let me know what you think!

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India Gray by Sujata Massey

India Gray

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